Everyone plays a part 


I'm shy... 

Stop right there. At YAA we make everyone feel welcome and there is no pressure put on you at all. Everyone plays a part; it is up to you how big or small that is. Some students like to be behind the stage others in front. You will discover what is right for you. 

Can I join at any time? 

We have 3 opportunities to join YAA




We have three productions a year and unfortunately we can't accept students outside of these months. 

What if I want to leave during the year?

Commitment is key. In theatre productions if you miss rehearsals,  don't learn your lines, behaviour immaturely - the entire cohort of students suffers. We ask that if you sign up to YAA and are given a role you fully engage with it from start to finish. 

Can I be in all 3 productions?

Yes, yes, yes! You can be in one or all. The membership fee is the same. You could even mix it up-  for example, be the costume designer for the first production, a speaking part for the second and help write the third!

When are rehearsals?

We meet every Wednesday 5pm-7pm and nearer the time of performances we meet Saturdays 12-3pm. The first five meetings are compulsory after that you will be given a schedule outlining which rehearsals you should attend. 

Do I get a t-shirt?

All students get a free YAA t-shirt once they have completed their first production with us. We get asked this a lot!  

Are there rules?

YAA isn't like ordinary school - with detentions and sanctions however we ask that if you attend YAA you treat it like you would if you worked in a professional theatre. We have lots of fun but we also respect that it's hard to be creative if people aren't focussed.