What do we do?

Everyone plays a part 

YAA was founded with a simple mission, to give young, creative youth an opportunity to create performances from their initial conception to a final production. With clear help, support and guidance from staff - the students devise and create plays that they go on to perform, in a professional theatre with a paying audience.   

At YAA the students are not all actors - to make a production we need set, lighting, costume, props, stage-management and lots more. At YAA all of these roles are taken by the students. No role is too small, no student is the star - at YAA everyone plays a part. 

YAA is not a traditional 'drama club' where all students are required to attend every week. At the start of each new project we ask all of the 'company' to attend. Over five compulsory sessions roles are distributed and a rehearsal schedule is created (by the students). This means, for example, that a student who doesn't appear in Act 2 is not waiting around each week or indeed if someone is in charge of props, they needn't be in attendance until later in the project.  That said, every student is welcome to attend all rehearsals if they would like to have continual creative input. YAA will have its own press team who will write and edit the quarterly newsletter; its own production team and a writing team. The possibilities are endless at YAA because the students drive the company. 





Everyone plays a part 


Laurence Kavanagh

Founder and Creative Director 

Laurence is passionate about performing arts and strongly believes in its ability to transform the lives of children (and adults!). Laurence has worked in T.V and education and is currently Deputy Head of one of UK’s leading theatre schools; before this he was Assistant Principal of a Performing and Creative Arts specialist academy and oversaw Dance, Drama, Music and all major external performances - including directing alongside Gareth Malone (The Choir) for a special performance in December 2018. During his time as Head of Drama he wrote and directed numerous youth productions but firmly believes that the most creative, funniest and inspiring moments come from the students! 


He was keen to set up YAA because he felt their was a need to give under 18s a chance to create theatre without constraint. He recognised that although there is a place for Drama academic routes- these courses rarely allow students to take a creative project from start to finish, without limitation. 


YAA offers young creatives an opportunity to be free to create without a grade being issued at the end of the process. 

Student Leadership Roles

Maisie (age 15)

Lead YAA

Student Director

Suad (age 15)

Lead YAA

Student Writer

Lead Technician

Lead Stage Manager

Editor YAA Gazette